Sidkudil Puja Store 1″ x 1″ Inch Copper Kubera Yantra (Pack of 2)

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Sacred geometry for abundance and success. Kubera Yantra: Harness the energy of Kubera, the Lord of Wealth. Unlock financial blessings with Kubera Yantra.

  • Kubera Yantra , Put it in your purse . It attracts wealth. Offering your dedicated prayers to his Yantra revitalises your mind and soul with positive waves of energy.
  • The Kuber Yantra is kept in the pooja room, cash box and in offices where financial transactions are made. It blesses the worshipper with money and prosperity by drawing new avenues and sources of income and wealth. It helps increase the flow of funds and the ability to accumulate wealth.
  • Kubera Yantra: Manifest riches and abundance.
  • Prosperity flows with the Kubera Yantra’s power.
  • Package Content : 2 Qty
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