Sidkudil Kubera Pot & Kubera Vilakku(Lamp)

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Kubera Pot: The Kubera pot, also known as a Kubera Kumbha or Kubera Kalasha, is believed to possess the power to attract wealth and abundance

  • People place coins or currency notes inside the Kubera pot as a form of savings and accumulation of wealth.
  • People who seek financial prosperity and good fortune often keep a Kubera pot in their homes or workplaces as a symbol of wealth and a reminder of Kubera’s blessings.
  • Kubera Lamp: It is typically made of brass or clay and is designed in a unique and decorative manner.The Kubera vilakku is often used in homes and temples to invoke Kubera’s blessings and attract financial abundance.
  • Package Content : 1 kubera Pot , 1 Kubera Lamp(Clay)


Sidkudil Kubera Pot & Kubera Vilakku(Lamp) / kubera Lakshmi Pot/with toughened Glass/Green Colour