Sidkudil Puja Store Pure Copper Sri Astha Lakshmi Sri Yantra Chowki/Ashtalakshmi Stand

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The 8 Goddess forms represent the 8 different facets of wealth, which fulfill the various needs and wishes of any individual

  • The Ashtalakshmi forms are the providers of prosperity in all its dimensions and should be worshipped for getting wealth and material comforts.
  • 1.Adi Lakshmi – the primal mother goddess 2.Dhana Lakshmi – goddess of material wealth 3.Dhanya Lakshmi – goddess of good harvest and grains 4.Gaja Lakshmi – goddess of power and strength
  • 5.Santana Lakshmi – goddess of off-springs and progeny 6.Veera Lakshmi – goddess of courage and strength 7.Vijaya Lakshmi – goddess of victory 8.Aishwarya Lakshmi – goddess of comfort and luxury
  • The use of Copper is a practical art to harmonize mind, body, and spirit with the environment.