Sidkudil Puja Store 1″x1″ Inch Copper Kubera Yantra with Green Kubera Vilakku

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Kubera Vilakku is a traditional lamp used in rituals and ceremonies, named after the deity Kubera, who is associated with wealth and prosperity.

  • Lighting a Kubera Vilakku is believed to invoke blessings and attract abundance, making it a significant symbol of devotion and prosperity
  • The Yantra consists of a precise arrangement of shapes and numbers that are believed to harness the divine energy of Kubera and align with the principles of wealth manifestation.
  • It is believed that meditating or worshiping the Kubera Yantra can attract prosperity, financial well-being, and material abundance into one’s life.
  • Package Content : 1 Green Kubera Vilakku & 1 Kubera Yantra(1″x1″)