Sidkudil My Busy Garden Book

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“From buzzing bees to blooming trees, my garden’s a hive of activity!”. The sheet has 1.Alphabet 2.Gardening Tools 3. Editable parts of Plants 4.Where does it grow 5.Needs of a Plant 6.Things we get from Tree 7.Shapes of a Plant 8.Plant life cycle 9.My Harvesting 10.Opposites 11.Seasonal Planting 12.Leaf Matching.` `Explore the wonders of nature with each turn of the page, cultivating curiosity and eco-consciousness in every child’s heart.” “12 pages burst with blooms and buzzing friends, making learning about nature a garden adventure that never ends!”. This durable and reusable book is built to endure rough handling, ensuring endless hours of fun and learning.